You dont have to do anything if you dont want. But if you would like to visit some place, we created small list of places that we think are worth of visiting. Or you can use tourist guide.

Aquapark Pecka

Beautiful and big aqupark in camp Pecka. In camp there are also sports grounds and climbing wall. 


Its 25 km. far from Pecka

Zoo Dvůr Králové

Take your kids on safari! Its only 19km far from Pecka

SKI Máchovka Nová Paka

Ski areal with artificial snowing. If you dont like skiing you can go ice skating or go swiimming. Its only 8km far from Pecka!

Pist Pecka

There is a 300m pist in Pecka. Its only open when there is a enough natural snow.


Do you know a city of stone beauty? Go take a walk on small hill Gothard with lots of stone statues. You can visit Smetanové sady and eat local speciality Hořické trubičky. Its only 15km far from Pecka

Ski areal Herlíkovice

In areal are two four seated cableways, seven tows and kids park. Its 27km far from Pecka  


Krkonoše are one of the best mountains we have in Czechia. Its a nature park. And its really worth a visit. Its 20 minutes far from Pecka.


Beautifull trip to Český ráj.

  You already know Podkrkonoší well?

Than visit us in Jizerky!